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There should be no reason tell you why I wanted to make this site. As long as you found this spot on the web, you probably know very well where I'm coming from.. I love women who likes to put their sexy feet into a pair of pantyhose. And so do you!

Nylonfeetparty is now a paysite. Sorry I had to do it.. I didn't do it because I'm greedy or think I will become a millionaire by charging some dollars from you, but because some models prefer posing inside a membersection.

Remember that almost all the girls I show on this site are ordinary amateurs. They live their lives like you and me. And I really want to make this site matter on the internet. Too much bare feet, too much pornstars out there. This site is made to fight for all the guys that are really into nylonfeet.. and ordinary girls..

I want this site to become huge. I need your help to do that. When you' ve signed in and have become a member, you have already helped. I will do the rest. I will never make money building this site, but the money I make from the members will go to making photosessions and will help to make this website stay for years to come.

This site will be based on real girls. And they are the ones I prefer. The pretty girls you see at the mall or in a restaurant. The ordinary girls. Not the highpriced and lazy webmodels you see everywhere in cyberworld.

I prefer the ones who wears pantyhose just because they are ladies who wants to be feminine. And now and then, takes of a shoe in public. Every time I meet one of these women, I do my best to act like a real gentleman. Mainly because I want to show them that some guys very much appreciate their attetude towards beeing real ladies, and secondly because I think: "This may very well be a future familymember of the nylonfeetparty.."

I will be back with more info soon on what way this website will walk. Meanwhile. Take care and enjoy my site. I hope you will. Ideas or request can be sent to me by email. I will answer everyone.

And please spread the words!! Make this website known!


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