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Allen Bros (AB). When it was started and when you've got the filling - "ph is my passion"
Pattie. I started the site back in July of 2002, the minute I tried on a pair of hose, I loved the feeling. I never really wore them until I started a site and now I own so many pairs of hose, I have no clue what the total count is...lol

AB. Your biography, tell us something about you
Pattie. I was born and raised in California and I currently live in Arizona. Have lived here for about 13 years and I love the heat. I don't do too well in cold weather so Arizona is definetly the place for me. I have two dogs and I am a huge animal lover. I am deathly allergic to cats which is such a sad thing because I think they are awesome animals too, but I just can't hang with cats. My two doggies are my babies and I spoil them rotten. LOL

If you want to know more about me feel free to check out my Journal or drop me an email.

(AB) What car do you drive?
Pattie. I do have a car, a Toyota 4 Runner, and I love my Toyota...lol

AB. What do you do when people recognize you on the street (if it ever happened)?
Pattie. AaS far as I know I have never been recognised on the street, although someone noticed me at a ball game, but they did not come up to me, instead they wrote me and email, so I made them promise the next time they see me...come up to me...lol and say hi!!

AB. What kind of photo equipment do you used and use ?
Pattie. I currently use a nikon cool pix 500 camera and it seems to work pretty well...

AB. What can we expect on your site
Pattie. There are currently 49 free pics, 301 club side pics, & 14 video clips of my own.

AB. Chat -?
Pattie. I do chat in the webhoneys chat room and I also have weekly live cam shows.

AB. How many other girls can we see on the site
Pattie. Then there are currently 11 girlfriends totally 225 pics -which are all misc pics these girlfriends have sent in.

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One Month .... $9.00, Three Months .... $20.00
good collection, some pics are very special
very good
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It was a nice weekend!

I was attended by a visitor of my site to look at Hot Pattie. Why not ?

It's a really site with an amateur (positive) spirit and enthusiasm. Money play NOT the first viol here. Fun and love - these are the key words. Pattie is open minded girl with the passion what we all love very much, so, we also love Pattie.

- Pattie has also very good contact with some models and they share the pictures with Patty. You can't see it in a Free Section, they are available only for the members. Maybe it's a good idea to add some of these pics to the Free Area ?

- Number of the images. It's not a site with mega library, it wasn't also idea behind the site. But what you will get is very special and you will definitely not find this kind of images on huge (professional) sites. It's just nice.
- Quality. Images have been taken with a Nikon 5200 coolpix and some images can be over-contrast - muddy shadows, but this is not the biggest problem, because this Nikon has also great resolution, clean images with only moderate noise levels and very good white balance. It's good.

- I wasn't able to see these movies, so, I can't say anything bout it, except that they are -:)

Other services
- Chat with webhoneys. Personal contact with Pattie. What I really like is that Pattie answers to all (almost) e-mails by herself. You can be pretty sure that you have contact with a girl -:)

- It can be improved. I should say, make it easier, maybe even a frame structure. Acceptable.

- Pros. Strong amateur site. Real spirit, no fake.

- Cons.
Maybe some more girlfriends. I would like to see the updates more often.

Overall conclusion

If you like amateurs site with some "salt and pepper" - just visit it.

Allen Bros
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